8 Simple Rules For Buying My Teenage Daughter


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One night, while Meg is babysitting, Peter runs to the drugstore and doesn't have any money so he takes out a tab. He doesn't realize that he still has to pay for the tab and runs up a huge debt. Peter knows that Goldman's son Neil has a crush on Meg so he offers to sell her to him instead of paying the tab. Meg is jealous when Neil starts going out with a popular girl in school but she still objects. Peter goes through with it anyway. To get out of it, Lois seduces Neil so he breaks the contract and Meg is set free.

Meanwhile, Stewie loves his new babysitter, Liddane. When he finds out that she has a boyfriend, Stewie kidnaps him and locks him in the trunk of a car. Once he realizes that Liddane doesn't want to be with him, she makes it look Liddane partied and Lois fires her.


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