A Hero Sits Next Door


Episode Summary

The Griffins get new neighbors, The Swansons. Lois becomse friends with Bonnie Swanson, the ever-pregnant wife of Joe Swanson. Mr. Weed needs a new player on the baseball team and Lois thinks Peter hsould invite Joe to play on the Happy-Go-Lucky Quahog Toy Boys baseball team. What he doesn't know is that Joe is paralyzed and shows up to the game in a wheel chair. Joe does many different tricks on his wheel chair and helps win the game. A jealous Peter decides that he wants to be a hero like Joe.

Meanwhile, Meg keeps trying to meet Kyle Swanson.


Brian: Gosh, I'd like to help you, Peter, but I've got to go out in the hall and chew on the back of my ass for about five minutes


Guest Voices

  • Michelle Kwan: As Herself

Other Information

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