Back to the Woods


Episode Summary

Peter, Joe, Cleveland and Quagmire go to a Barrie Manilow concert, and Peter drops his wallet. He doesn't have it for a few weeks until they get the credit card bill. He finds out that the person that stole his credit card was eating everyday at a Chinese restaurant, so he decided to go see who it is. He sees James Woods with his wallet there, and using his credit card. When he gets home, he finds James Woods in his house, claiming he is Peter Griffin. He calls the police on Peter, and the police officer makes Peter get out of the house, because James has some fake ID that shows him as Peter Griffin. Brian and Peter think of a plan to get him back into the house, and Peter gets fake ID that shows that he is James Woods, and goes out to ruin his reputation. They trap him in a box like they did before, and have him examined by "Top Men", the same ending that happened in the original James Woods episode.


Guest Voices

James Woods, Barry Manilow, Dave Van Dam

Other Information

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