Believe it or not, Joe's Walking on Air


Episode Summary

Joe, Peter, Cleveland and Quagmire are at the Clam, where they're enjoying a few drinks and talking TV, until their wives (Cleveland's girlfriend) come in. They feel like leaving because the girls have taken over the Clam, and get upset, so they decide to build their own hangout place. After a few weeks, they've finally made it, and are drinking and enjoying themselves, and then the girls come in once again. Peter gets into an argument with them, and the other people decide it's cool, and they all start dancing. Joe is a little depressed because he can't dance with Bonnie, and she tells him she's tired of being married to a handicap person. So Joe goes to the doctor's, and asks him if there is any way he could walk again, and then he tells them that he could do a surgery, but it's very risky. Joe comes out of the leg transplant fine, and able to walk. He then goes and does physical activities with Peter, Cleveland, and Quagmire, and they begin to get tired. Joe then ditches them to go find some more active friends, and he leaves Bonnie. They then get an idea to re-cripple Joe, so he would hang out with them. They fail, and then Bonnie comes up and shoots him in the spine, and he is handicapped again.


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Guest Voices

  • Jeff Bergman: Fred Flintstone
  • Jamie Farr: As himself

Other Information

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