Bloopers (Season 1-2)

Everyone makes mistakes. It's especially easy to make mistakes when you are animating a television show. Many mistakes are visual goofs while others are storyline bloopers or plot holes.

[edit] Changing Colors

Stewie's "Forget-Me-Nots" turn to yellow instead of their original blue.

[edit] Debbie or Bonnie

In one scene, Lois calls Bonnie Swanson (Joe's wife), Debbie for some reason.

[edit] Driving Test

It was established in EP 102 that Meg failed her driving test after Peter gave her lessons but Meg mentions passing her test in this episode.

[edit] DVD Mistake

On the Family Guy: Vol. 1, Seasons One and Two DVD, they have a picture of Lois singing but for the episode description they said Meg becomes the lounge singer in Peter's basement bar.

[edit] Griffin's Address

The Griffins live on 31 Spooner Street yet Peter writes 725 Spooner Street on the envelope.

[edit] Interesting Television

In the beginning of the episode when the family is watching television together, you might ntoice that the TV screen is blank.

[edit] Left Handed or Right Handed

We see Chris write something down with his right hand but he plays golf like he is a left handed player.

[edit] Magically Clean

Stewie gets his face all dirty from chocolate cake but in the next shot he is completely clean.

[edit] Moving Trophy

Joe is putting trophies on a shelf and he puts one on the very edge on the left side. The next trophy he puts up is put to the left of the first one that somehow moved to the right.

[edit] Pupils on Glasses

Peter takes off his glasses to rub off his eyes, and pupils appear to be painted onto the lenses of them.

[edit] Which Eye?

The bingo caller loses his left eye and it hits the table but when we see him screaming he is clutching his right eye.

[edit] Headline text

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