Bloopers (Season 3)

The show still made some various errors in Season 3. Here are some of them.

[edit] Autoclean

Stewie gets food all over his face and in the next shot his face is perfectly clean.

[edit] Changing Guns

The mass media killer is seen with a shotgun in some shots and then in others he only has a small gun.

[edit] Changing Suits

While the family is waiting at the auditions for the Bill Cosby show, Peter is first wearing a blue suit. In the next shot we see him wearing a gray suit and in the last shot he is wearing his signature clothing.

[edit] Climbing Error

As the kids are singing the goodnight song, Stewie climbs up to the landing but in the next shot he is not at the top.

[edit] Close-Caption Mishap

During The Bernie Mac Show, the close-captioning for the upcoming Family Guy episode was printed instead of The Bernie Mac Show giving viewers the whole episode transcript before it ever aired.

[edit] Dress Colors

Oliva's dress changes from pink to blue right before the conclusion of the second act.

[edit] DVD Error

Peter dates Jennifer Love Hewitt to get back at Lois but on the DVD Box-Set it says he dates Gwyneth Paltrow.

[edit] Football Head

It is revealed to us in this episode that Stewie hasn't always had a football shaped head. Yet, in Episode 103 <a href="">Chitty Chitty Death Bang</a>, we see Stewie being born and his head was football shaped.

[edit] Meg's Father

In this episode, Brian says that Meg's real father's name is Stan Thompson yet in Episode 102, <a href="">I Never Met The Dead Man</a>, we see Peter watching Meg be born as if it was his child.

[edit] Moving Lump

When Peter is transformed to a being with no bones, there is a lump on his right side and it moves to the left side in another shot.

[edit] Steak or Chicken?

While the family is eating dinner, Stewie and Chris's meal changes from steak to chicken and then back to steak again.

[edit] Two Cars at One Time

Lois and Meg take the car to go the spa but Peter still has the same family car when he comes home and finds out that all his possessions are being possessed.

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