Brian Sings and Swings


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Peter runs over Brian while backing out of the driveway. After the near death experience, Brian begins to evaluate his life. Brian meets Frank Sinatra Jr. who tells him to live each day to the fullest. Brian vows to do so and fulfills the promise with getting drunk every night while he is performing with the famous "Member of the Board." One night Brian gets so drunk that he forgets Stewie at the bar and attacks Peter. Brian realizes what he is doing to himself and comes back to his senses.

Meg's lab partner Sarah invites Meg to her club meeting. Meg is very excited at the possibility of making a new friend. Unfortunately, she finds out the club is really for lesbians. Meg fears that she will lose her new found friend and pretends to become a lesbian. She does this by cutting her hair short and looking at girls in magazines with Sarah. Eventually, Lois convinces her to tell her friend the truth.


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