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This is a full list of episodes that are out in Season 6.

Movin' Out

Peter and Jillian are talking about Brian and Jillian's relationship. They start talking about how Brian should move in with Jillian, to take things to the next level. When Brian hears this, he gets upset, but moves in with her. Brian can't pay his share of the rent, so Stewie offers to pay it if he can live with them. He starts to take their relationship apart, and eventually they have a fight and break up. Meanwhile, Meg has a job at a local convenience store, and Chris needs a job, so she asks him if he wants to work there. He agrees, and then they work together. Chris starts talking to the Manager instead of doing his work, and then Meg has to do a lot of the hard work. She stands up for herself, and gets fired from the store.

Believe it or not, Joe's Walking on Air

Joe, Peter, Cleveland and Quagmire are at the Clam, where they're enjoying a few drinks and talking TV, until their wives (Cleveland's girlfriend) come in. They feel like leaving because the girls have taken over the Clam, and get upset, so they decide to build their own hangout place. After a few weeks, they've finally made it, and are drinking and enjoying themselves, and then the girls come in once again. Peter gets into an argument with them, and the other people decide it's cool, and they all start dancing. Joe is a little depressed because he can't dance with Bonnie, and she tells him she's tired of being married to a handicap person. So Joe goes to the doctor's, and asks him if there is any way he could walk again, and then he tells them that he could do a surgery, but it's very risky. Joe comes out of the leg transplant fine, and able to walk. He then goes and does physical activities with Peter, Cleveland, and Quagmire, and they begin to get tired. Joe then ditches them to go find some more active friends, and he leaves Bonnie. They then get an idea to re-cripple Joe, so he would hang out with them. They fail, and then Bonnie comes up and shoots him in the spine, and he is handicapped again.

Stewie Kills Lois (part one)

It's Lois' birthday, and Brian gives her two tickets for a cruise, so she takes Peter along with her (much to Brian's dislike). Stewie wants to go, but he isn't allowed, and he gets really mad at Lois. He talks to Brian and tells him that he is going to kill her now, but Brian is skeptical and saying that he's said that so many times, and he isn't going to. So, Stewie takes a boat out, shoots Lois with a Machine gun, and throws her into the ocean. About two weeks later they give up the search for her, and assume that she has just died. A year later, Peter comes into the Clam with a whole bunch of money, and offers beers for everyone. They ask him where he got it, and he tells them that he got life insurance on Lois, right after she died. So they begin to get suspicious, at the same time that Brian is suspicious of Stewie. Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland go through Peter's trash and find pictures that say "Die Lois die", and suspect Peter, when those pictures were made by Stewie. Then they sentence him to jail, but Lois appears...

Lois Kills Stewie (part two)

When Lois comes into the court hall, she tells the story of how she survived, being rescued by a Mermaid. She tells the judge who really tried to kill her, and then Stewie is gone. Later that day he re-appears and comes in to tie them up, and take some guns from his room. He demands Brian to drive him down to Washington D.C. where he takes control of the world by having control to the World's power supply. Meanwhile, Lois is loading up on Stewie's guns and is coming down to D.C. to have a fight with him, and try to kill him. She fails, but Peter shows up and kills him. Then Stewie takes off a helmet and everyone realizes that is was a virtual reality fake.

Padre de Familia

Peter watches a war veteran sing about how he loves America, and Peter decides to become quite patriotic. He starts patrolling the borders of Quahog to make sure that no illegal immigrants get in, and starts reporting immigrants to the police. Soon, he asks his boss to do a check at work to make sure that no one is an immigrant, and Peter can't find his Birth Certificate so he goes and asks his mother. She tells him that she was born in Mexico, and as far as the US government is concerned, he is an illegal immigrant. He gets fired from his job, and soon realizes that life as an illegal immigrant isn't so great. He gets a job at Mr. Pudershmidt's mansion, to work in the yard with the other immigrants. They try to take over the mansion, but then Mr. Pudershmidt gets peter a Birth Certificate and goes back to work.

Peter's Daughter

As there is a flood in Quahog, the Griffins' house starts to become flooded. Peter tells Meg to go get his case of beer that's in the fridge, and a little while later they wonder what happened to her. They find her underwater and unconscious. She is in a coma in the hospital, and she wakes up to see a cute medical doctor looking at her and talking to her. When they get home, Peter says that he'll never take advantage of her again, and treat her like a daughter, and says that he'll give her anything she wants. Then she tells him what she wants, and she wants to go out with the medical student from the hospital. Peter becomes very protective of her, and gets mad at him and her. Later on they break up because Peter is to protective of Meg. Two weeks later Meg is later, and she tells her family that she's pregnant. She goes to get married to the med student, and then she realizes that she's not actually pregnant because she had her period. He then runs away from the marriage when Meg tells him that she isn't going to have a baby.


Peter has to hold Cleveland's mail for him, because he is away. He notices one of the magazines, that shows a picture of someone with a mustache on the front cover, and Peter decides to grow a mustache. He gets mistaken for a firefighter and is asked to put out a fire in a local fast food place called McBurgerTown. He hears someone inside, and it is the manager. He saves the manager by running in and taking him out, and Peter's mustache is burned off. He is very upset because of that, until the manager comes by his house telling him the because he saved his life he can eat whatever he wants at McBurgerTown for free. He eats 30 hamburgers and then has a stroke. The left half of his body doesn't work, so he can't do a lot of his usual things. Peter goes to a steam cell research place, and is cured in five minutes. Then he tries to sue McBurgerTown for giving him a stroke. Meanwhile, Stewie is trying to be the most popular kid at high school, with a bet from Brian.

Back to the Woods

Peter, Joe, Cleveland and Quagmire go to a Barrie Manilow concert, and Peter drops his wallet. He doesn't have it for a few weeks until they get the credit card bill. He finds out that the person that stole his credit card was eating everyday at a Chinese restaurant, so he decided to go see who it is. He sees James Woods with his wallet there, and using his credit card. When he gets home, he finds James Woods in his house, claiming he is Peter Griffin. He calls the police on Peter, and the police officer makes Peter get out of the house, because James has some fake ID that shows him as Peter Griffin. Brian and Peter think of a plan to get him back into the house, and Peter gets fake ID that shows that he is James Woods, and goes out to ruin his reputation. They trap him in a box like they did before, and have him examined by "Top Men", the same ending that happened in the original James Woods episode.

Play it Again, Brian

Brian has won a writing award, and a trip to Martha's Vineyard. Lois has been a bit mad at Peter because whenever they were supposed to do something, he goes off with his friends, instead of spending the day with Lois. So Brian decides to take them out to Martha's Vineyard to help them relax and cool down. Mr. Herbert comes to babysit the kids. When Brian reads his speech out to the crowd, Peter fails to be there. He comes by after the speech incredibly intoxicated. The next day, when Peter was supposed to spend some time with Lois, Peter doesn't want to go because he is too hungover and watching T.V. Brian have an excellent time in the park, biking and such. They decide to spend the evening together eating Dinner, and watching a movie. Brian suddenly throws himself on Lois, and she gets him of and tells him to get out. Later that night Lois tells Peter what Brian did, and they get into a fight. They make up, and all is well.

The Former Life of Brian

Brian is picking up Stewie from a birthday party, when he sees an attractive woman. He goes over to meet her, and they decide that Brian will be a magician for her son's birthday party. So Brian is practicing for the party, and when the party comes he learns that she has a husband, and they are happily married. Brian goes off in a fit, and talks to Stewie about his one true love, but he wasn't too good to her at the time. Brian goes off to find her, and when he does she is very unattractive, fat, and smokes. She tells Brian that he has a son, named Dylan. Dylan isn't a good kid, he isn't in school, and he is very mean to everyone. Brian and Stewie leave her house, and the next day the doorbell rings, and Dylan is at the door. Dylan gives a note to Brian,from Dylan's mother, saying that Dylan is Brian's problem now. Dylan is being bad around the house, and they decide that Brian has to kick him out. When he goes to do so, Brian, or Dylan, drops his pot, and they get high together, and connect. The next day, Dylan is a much better kid, and looks a lot different. Brian starts getting really fussy about Dylan, and changes a lot. Peter brings in Dylan's mother and she takes him back.

Long John Peter

When the Griffins go to the vet to get Brian checked out because of his sick stomach, Peter sees a parrot that he thinks is talking to him, which is actually just repeating what he says, and takes him home once they know that Brian is OK. When they are leaving Chris meets the intern of whom he takes a liking to, who's name is Anna. Peter goes to the clam and Joe tells him that the parrot makes him make like a pirate. Peter starts dressing like a pirate, and gains some pirate friends. They go into a few scenes, one of them with Peter battling a British person for his spices. After his parrot dies by mistake during the battle, he goes to the vet and Chris talks with the intern and she asks him out. They go to a restaurant and Chris is really nervous, but they have a good time. Anna is over at Chris' house, and spills her drink, and she leaves his house. Peter comes in and asks Chris what he is doing, cleaning up for a girl's mess, and tells Chris to treat Anna like crap. Chris takes Anna to a movie, and follows his fathers advice and treats her like crap, and she leaves. Peter tries to get Chris to meet some new girls, but he doesn't like any of them and they don't turn out too well. Chris goes back to the vet and apologizes to Anna, and she eventually takes him back.