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There is quite an array of different characters on Family Guy, all with different personalities and attributes. Some of these characters are off the wall while others are very true to life. These characters need to be put into individual character pages.

[edit] Death

Death's job is to come and collect dead people. Death has a hard time interacting with women, since he is a momma's boy.

[edit] Diane Simmons

Diane is the co-anchor of Tom Tucker on Channel 5 News. She argues with Tom a lot while on the air and she often gives her own opinion.

[edit] Dotty Campbell

Dotty is the wife of Dave and like him is a nudist. She's very polite and is a great host when The Griffins come to visit.

[edit] Dr. Hartman

Dr. Hartman is the probably the worst doctor ever. Any patient he has ever had has sued him.

[edit] Dr. Kaplan

Dr. Kaplan is Brian's psychologist. Brian comes to him for help with his problems. One of these problems is his love for Lois.

[edit] Eliza Pinchley

Eliza has an annoying voice. Stewie becomes friends with Eliza and helps her to speak better. Eliza blames Lois for her mother's death and is plotting revenge on her.

[edit] Evil Monkey

This monkey hasn't always been evil, but he's changed ever since his wife cheated on him. He lives in Chris's closet and Chris is so afraid of him that sometimes he won't go into his room. Whenever Chris tells anyone about Evil Monkey, no one believes him.

[edit] Gene Shalit

Peter turns into Gene Shalit when he has morphing abilities.

[edit] Glen Quagmire

Quagmire is one of Peter's neighbors. His house is filled with things that turn into beds. His libido often gets him in to trouble. Sometimes, it seems as though he'd even go as far as to rape someone. Quagmire is part of the group of friends on Spooner Street that include Peter, Joe and Cleveland.

[edit] God

When people say comments about God under their breath, God can get very angry and replies to their comments.

[edit] Herbert

Herbert is also known as Old Man Child Molester. He often invites Chris over to his house or leaves strange messages on the answering machine.

[edit] Jabba the Griffin

Jabba the Griffin is one of Peter's "ancestors" who was very large.

[edit] Janet

Stewie had a crush on Janet, the girl from his daycare. Stewie thought that was in love with Janet and was heartbroken when he found out Janet was just using him to get his oatmeal-raisin cookies.

[edit] Jeff Campbell

Jeff is the son of Dotty and David. Like them, he is a nudist. Meg has a crush on him. Jeff once had eggs thrown at him by a kid whose parents are tailors.

[edit] Jennifer

Jennifer was one of the only girls at school who attempted to be Meg's friend. This was probably because she is part of a cult known as Heaven's Helper's Youth Cult. The leader of this cult iwas about to covince them to kill themselves, but Peter and Meg help unknowingly help change their minds. When Jennifer and other cult members are asked to come to Stewie's Birthday Party, they all accidently killed themselves.

[edit] Jeremy

Jeremy is a horribly sick child who uses his humor to make light of his unfortunate situation. He rides in a wheel chair and buys many kidneys.

[edit] Jesus

Jesus shows up in Quahog from time to time to showoff his miracle performing skills and to hit on women.

[edit] Joe Swanson

Joe is a paraplegic cop. He became paralyzed after slipping down a roof on a rollerskate. His injury never stops him from doing anything. He plays on the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory baseball team and still helps to catch criminals. At one time he became unparalyzed but after his son ran into him he became paralyzed again. His wife, Bonnie is pregnant and has been for 5-6 years.

[edit] Johnson

Johnson used to work for Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory until he invented the GI Jew Toy.

[edit] Jonathan Weed

Jonathan Weed was the owner and boss of Peter's at Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Company. Sadly, Mr. Weed was murdured by a dinner roll. At the moment, the dinner roll is serving its double-life prison term.

[edit] Kevin Swanson

Kevin Swanson is the 15-year old son of Bonnie and Joe Swanson. He gets his looks from his father. When he is not working at the gas-station he is usually listening to music. Meg likes Kevin a lot but whenever they get near each other something always happens to interrupt them.

[edit] Kool-Aid Guy

The Kool-Aid Guy is sometimes seen in Family Guy busting into rooms and saying "Ohh yeah." He is often seen busting into court rooms.

[edit] Larry

Larry was a hit man hired to kill Lois except he decides not to kill her after Peter saves his marriage.

[edit] Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin (Pewterschmidt being her maiden name) came from a rich family. She married Peter when was the towel boy at her house. She married Peter and had three children. When she is not doing the housework, she is teaching the piano. Her baby, Stewie tries to kill her multiple times. Sometimes it seems like Lois is the only person in the Griffin household who has any sense. However, there are times when she loses it herself.

[edit] Loretta Brown

Loretta is the wife of Cleveland. She recently seperated from him because she is tired of trying to get along with the lifeless Cleveland and had an affair with Quagmire. Before that, she bossed Cleveland around all the time.

[edit] Marguerite Pewterschmidt

Marguerite Pewterschmidt is Lois's very rich aunt. Marguerite helped get Lois and Peter together. One day she goes and visits the Griffins and she dies. Marguerite leaves Lois Cherrywood Manor, a presidential whorehouse.

[edit] Mayor Adam West

Adam West is the mayor of The Griffin's town, Quahog. He appears to suffer from some sort of disorder such as schizophrenia. Mr. West doesn't talk much with the media but Meg was able to get an interview with him.

[edit] Meg Griffin

Meg is a typical teenage daughter aspiring to be popular at school. She constantly worries about her looks and her friends. Her family embarasses her and she doesn't like to be seen with them.

[edit] Mort Goldman

Mort is the father of Neil Goldman. Just like his son, he is a nerd even in his adult years. He works at the local pharmacy. As a result, he always reveals details about citizen's health problems. Mort was stabbed in the ear by a pirate twice. The only notable thing he has done as bowl a perfect game.

[edit] Mr. McCloud

Mr. McCloud is a very gullible teacher who believed that Chris couldn't take a test because he was dying.

[edit] Neil Goldman

Neil is the school nerd. Besidse running the school newspaper, Neil likes Star Trek and loves showing off the facts that he knows about it. Neil has a huge crush on Meg.

[edit] Nigel Pinchley

Nigel Pinchley is a British "business man" who bought The Drunken Clam. After he moved next door to the Griffins, he tried to put the charm on Lois. That is why his daughter, Eliza wants to kill Lois.

[edit] Ollie Williams

Ollie Williams is the weatherman for the Quahog's Channel 5 News. He obnoxiously blurs out both brief and loud short sentences such as, "Its gon rain."

[edit] Paddy Tanniger

Paddy Tanniger is the golf course manager. He's very cocky, especially considering how short he is. He was at one time Chris's boss when Chris was a caddy.

[edit] Peter Griffin

Peter is not the smartest man in the world. In fact, he was recently told he was legally retarded and was at one time blind. Peter is very slow at comprehension. His major fault is his tendency to act only on his impulses. Peter is happily married to Lois. He has 3 kids with her and is very close to his dog Brian. When he's not working at Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory, he is at home drinking a beer and watching television. Peter's friends on Spooner Street are Cleveland, Joe and Quagmire.

[edit] Pope

When we first saw the Pope, Peter kidnapped him. He did this because he thought he could help him become closer to his Catholic father, Francis. Brian and Stewie also have shown everyone his butt.

[edit] Principal Shepherd

Principal Shepherd is the very grumpy principal of James Woods Memorial High School. He is very prone to changing his mind.

[edit] Rufus Griffin

Rufus is Peter's African American relative who has appeared in many movies like Back to the Future.

[edit] Stewie Griffin

Stewie is only a one year old baby except he read, write and think and for the most part is very intelligent for his age. Most of the time his family ignores his comments about taking over the world. Stewie often plans to kill his mother, but all his attempts have failed. Stewie's sexual preference is unknown, but he has been known to be somewhat flamboyant.

[edit] The Black Knight

The Black Knight was Peter's idol because he saved him one time at the Renaissance Fair. After Peter lost his job he went back to the fair to be trained by The Black Knight. The Black Knight thought that Peter was hitting on his maiden and began to hate Peter. He told Peter he never wanted to see him again. Peter watched the joust anyway and The Black Knight called him a frizzle so Peter competed with The Black Knight in a joust and won.

[edit] The Judge

This judge (who is sometimes black and is sometimes white) enjoys giving harsh punishments and often mocks the people on trial. Many times, the people on trial are Brian and Peter.

[edit] Tom Tucker

Tom Tucker is the newsman that the Griffin's watch on Channel 5. He works alongside Diane Simmons. His news stories often contain his personal opinions or arguments with Dianne.

[edit] Tricia Takanawa

Tricia is the local news anchor who's constantly reminded of her Asian heritage.

[edit] Ulysses S. Griffin

Ulysses S. Griffin won the war by beating Robert E. Lee in a beer drinking contest.

[edit] William Shatner

William Shatner from Star Trek visits the Griffins only to be run over and killed by Meg.

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