Dammit Janet


Episode Summary

Lois discovers that Stewie is not very nice to other children his age(go figure). She takes it upon herself to enrolling him in Hugs and Kisses(the good kind) Daycare Center. He can't stand being their, until he meets Janet. He is flabbergasted by her beauty. Whenever he tries to impress her, she just asks him for a cookie. He accepts. He has tried making her jealous by using a 3 week younger blonde. It is to no avail. When he comes to realize that the entire relationship was built on nothing more then maybe a few Chips Ahoy cookies, he breaks it off.

When Lois has nothing to do with her time, she decides to get a part time job. Peter is originally against the idea, until Quagmire convinces him to let her have a job as a Flight Attendent, the main selling point that he could fly anywhere for free. Lois immediately accepts the idea, as it would be the perfect adventure. When she decides that she has had enough, Peter is able to convince her to stay, only for them to wind up on the same flight. When Lois wants to talk to peter in the bathroom, he just wants to join the mile high club. When they get off of the plane, they learn that they where hijacked by Cuban terrorists. After doing some shopping at the black market, they eventually sail off on a raft, back to the states.


Brian: Face it, you're a sucker for a girl with blue eyes.

Stewie: A-Ha, her eyes a green.

Brian: A-Ha, Thank you for proving my point.

Stewie: Damn!

Peter: Uh, Do you guys accept bits of string?

Store Clerk: Sorry, Store policy. *points to sign that says "sorry, we do not accept bits of string"*

Guest Voices

  • Mo Collins: As himself

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