E. Peterbus Unum


Episode Summary

Peter gets the family a new accountant so he will get a bigger tax refund. He decides that he will build a pool with the money. Peter learns that the city doesn't allow digging for pools on his property. Peter goes to the Mayor West's office to learn the truth. On the map, Peter sees that county doesn't even have a record of his property. As a result, Peter declares his property Petoria, an independent country. After attending the United Nations meeting, he realizes that no one will respect his country until he expands his horizons. Peter invades US propetry by swimming in Joe's pool and the country goes to war against the country. Lois and the children move out and Peter finally sucumbs to the US Military.


Guest Voices

Other Information

This episode's title is based on the Latin term E. Pluribus Unum, which means "out of many, one." The term is found on the back of U.S currency, because the 13 original U.S colonies formed one nation.

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