Emission Impossible


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Carole is Lois's pregnant sister who has been single ever since her husband walked out on her. Peter and Lois go and visit her and Carole goes into labor. Peter gives birth to the baby. Peter and Lois decide that they want another baby. Stewie hates the idea and does everything he can to make sure Peter and Lois can't conceive.

Eventually, Peter and Lois lock Stewie out of their room and Stewie is forced to shrink himself so he can go inside Peter's body and destroy the sperm that will become his brother. However, Stewie finds out that his brother also wants to kill Lois and they become friends. Stewie becomes regular size again, hoping that his new brother will help him take over the world.


Lois: Peter, why are we stopping?

Peter: Uh yeah, ill have three cheeseburgers.

Lois: Peter, for gods sake, shes having a baby.

Peter: Oh thats right, and a kids meal. And uh, I guess ill have fries. If I have fries, is anyone else going to have any? Cause you know I dont want to be the only one eating them, Ill feel like a fatty


Peter: No baby, but it looks like Carole is blowing a bubble.

Lois: Peter thats the head. Push, push!

Peter: I am, it wont go back in.

Lois: Not you Peter, Carole push, Peter you pull.


Peter: Its a beautiful baby girl

Carole: Oh a baby girl. Im so happy.

Peter: But she has a penis. Well have to do something about that.

Lois: Peter no, its a boy.

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