Family Guy Viewer Mail


Episode Summary

Brian gets viewer mail questions and tells three stories to try and answer them.

Li'l Griffins We go back to the kid versions of the family. Peter, Joe and Quagmire give up on girls until they see Lois. Lois is reading a book about bravery in school and Peter and Quagmire try to be braver than the other by spending the night at a scary house.

No Bones About it Peter gets a special beer bottle with a genie insdie who can grant him 3 wishes. Peter waste his wishes away by first asking to bring Jackie Gleason back to life. The Jackie Gleason zombie haunts The Griffins until Stewie kills him. Peter wishes he had his own theme song music and when someone threatens to break all the bones in his body if he doesn't turn the music off, Peter accidentally wishes he didn't have any bones. Now, Peter can't do anything, so he flushes himself down the toilet and ends up in California where he is put back together again using other bones which he later learns comes from his family.

Super Griffins The Griffins gain supernatural powers after radioactive waste is dumped on their house. The family ends up destroying Quahog. The mayor decides that he will expose himself to toxic waste so he can gain supernatural powers and fight The Griffins. The mayor ends up getting a horrible disease. The family feels terrible and uses their powers to help Mayor Adam West.


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