From Method to Madness


Episode Summary

Stewie tries to get Brian a second chance to audition for Quahog School of Performing Arts and ends up getting accepted himself. There, he meets Olivia, another star student. Stewie and Olivia learn that they must have a great performance or they will be kicked out of the school. Stewie and Olivia are good friends until Olivia storms the stage during their performance. Stewie, forced to complete the number, is humiliated.

In the meantime, Meg gets a new boyfriend. The only thing wrong with him is the fact that he is a nudist. To get Lois and Peter to accept him, Meg insists that they meet the rest of his nudist family.


Stewie: Well, I'd love to stay and chat but you're a total bitch.

Lois: So, Meg, did any of the neighbors see Jeff come over?
Meg: Mom! Come on, Jeff, let's go in the other room.
Lois: Now, Meg, no need to get all testes- uh, testy! Oh, nuts. I mean, crap!

Lois: Chris, that's enough! Well, I'm sure glad to be out of there!
Peter: You said it, Lois. What those people are doing just ain't natural.
Lois: Did you hear me, young man?
Meg: I don't know what the big deal was. I thought they were nice.
Lois: Peter?
Peter: Do it. [everybody besides Chris puts on sunglasses; Lois reveals the Neuralizer from Men in Black, and uses it on Chris]
Lois: Did you have fun at the circus today, Chris?
Chris: Elephants are bigger in person!

Guest Voices

  • Fred Willard: Dave Campbell
  • Rachael MacFarlane: Olivia

Other Information

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