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[edit] Guest Voices

This is a section for you to contribute a season by season list of celebrities or others who have contributed to Family Guy by using their voices. You may edit this page to help us out, make sure to put the info under thee correct season. Thanks!

[edit] Season 1

  • Death Has A Shadow
    • Pat Summerall: As Himself
  • I Never Met the Dead Man
    • Erik Estrada: As Ponch
  • Chitty Chitty Death Bang
    • John O'Hurley: As the Cult Leader
    • Waylon Jennings: As Himself
  • Mind Over Murder
    • Alex Rocco: As the Soccer Parent
    • Leslie Uggams: As Herself
  • A Hero Sits Next Door
    • Michelle Kwan: As Herself
  • The Son Also Draws
    • Bobby Slayton: As Leonard Cornfeathers
  • Brian: Portrait of a Dog
    • Dick Van Patten: As Tom Bradford
    • Mary Scheer: As Ann Landers/Mary/Mother

[edit] Season 2

  • Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater
    • Fairuza Balk: As Connie D'amico
    • Gregory Jbara: As Jonathan
    • Robin Leach: As himself
  • Holy Crap
    • Charles Durning: As Francis Griffin
    • Olivia Hack: As various
    • Dwight Schultz: As the Pope
    • Florence Stanley: As Thelma Griffin
  • Da Boom
    • Patrick Duffy: As Bobby Ewing
    • Victoria Principal: As Pamela Ewing
    • Jack Perkins: As himself
    • Will Sasso: As Randy Newman
  • Brian In Love
    • Sam Waterston: As Dr.Kaplan
  • Love Thy Trophy
    • Debra Wilson: As Mrs. Kraner and Sandy Belford
  • Death Is A Bitch
    • Norm Macdonald: As Death
    • Karen Black: As herself
  • I Am Peter Hear Me Roar
    • Candice Bergen: As Gloria Ironbox
    • Faith Ford: As Corky Sherwood
  • If Im Dyin', I'm Lyin'
  • Martin Mull: As Mr. Harris
  • Running Mates
    • Lee Majors: As himself
    • Dwight Schultz: As Randall Fargus
    • James Carville: As himself
    • Jack Sheldon: As 'Vagina Junction' Conductor
  • A Picture Is Worth a 1,000 Bucks
    • Candice Bergen: As Murphy Brown
    • Charles Kimbrough: As Jim Dial
    • Joe Regalbuto: As Frank Fontana
  • Fifteen Minutes Of Shame
    • Will Ferrell: As Black Knight
  • Road To Rhode Island
    • Brian Doyle-Murray: As Luke
    • Victoria Principal: As Dr. Amanda Rebecca
  • Lets Go To The Hop
    • Gregg Allman: As himself
  • Dammit Janet!
    • Mo Collins: As himself
  • Hes To Sexy For His Fat
    • Jay Mohr: As Himself
  • The Story on Page One
    • Luke Perry: As himself
    • Nicole Sullivan: As Angelica/Cheerleader/Sorority Girl
  • Theres something about Paulie
    • Robert Costanza: As Biff and Louie
    • Jon Cryer: As Kevin
    • Alan King: As The Don
    • Michael Chiklis: As Big Fat Paulie

[edit] Season 3

  • Stuck Toghether Torn Apart
    • Jenifer Love Hewiit: As Herself
  • The Thin White Line
    • Lief Garret: As himself
    • June Foray: As Rocket J. Squirrel
    • Haley Joel Osment: As Kid in the Bathroom
  • Brian Does Hollywood
    • Jenna Jameson: As herself
    • Ron Jeremy: As himself
    • Ray Liotta: As Zack
    • Gary Cole: As Micheal Eisner
  • Mr Griffin Goes to Washington
    • Ricky Blitt: As Milano's Lawyer
    • Alyssa Milano: As Herself
    • Jack Sheldon: As The Bill

[edit] Season 4

Season 4's Guest Voices here.

[edit] Season 5

  • Chick Cancer
    • Drew Barrymore: As Jillian

[edit] Season 6

Season 6's Guest Voices here.

[edit] Reocurring Throughout Seasons

  • Will Ferrell
    • Season 2
    • Season 3
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