Family Guy got its start in 1999. Seth McFarlane, the creator of the series only had $50,000 to create the pilot. He sold the pilot to FOX and the series debuted on the night of the superbowl. The shown is known for its swift cutaway comedy. Sometimes, it was seen as very racy, and one of the episodes is now banned. Unfortunately, the series was cancelled in 2002.

However, that was not the end of Family Guy. The show had a strong fanbase. Family Guy was the most popular show on Adult Swim. When the show was released on DVD it had tremendous sales ($1.6 million for the first volume, and $1 million for the second volume). It was the first time in television history that a show was brought back based on DVD Sales and one of the first times a show was ever brought back after being cancelled.

The show returned in 2005 with tremendous success. In the future, there will be a DVD Movie as well a Family Guy Musical Soundtrack.

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