I Dream of Jesus


Episode Summary

I Dream of Jesus is the second episode of Season 7.

The family is driven nuts due to Peter's obsession over the classic tune "Surfin' Bird" by the Trashmen. When Stewie and Brian are pushed to the limit, they make the record disappear and buy out ever disk in town. At an attempt to find a store with the record in stock, he is welcomed to a store run by a familiar face. When Peter realizes that the cashier is none other than Jesus, he convinces him to let the world know his secret. Jesus understands that he's not ready to be on Earth after he betrays Peter, lets fame get to his head, and is put under arrest.


Guest Voices

  • Ralph Garman: Various Roles
  • Danny Smith: Various Roles

Other Information

The title is a pun on the classic TV show, I Dream of Genie.

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