Lois Kills Stewie (part two)


Episode Summary

Lois comes into the court hall, telling the story of her miraculous survival. After she is finished, she reveals to the judge who really tried to kill her, there is a collective gasp from the courtroom, as they all turn to see Stewie, they realize that he has escaped. Later that day he re-appears in the Griffin family home and, after holding them at gunpoint and shooting Cleveland to death, ties them up. He demands Brian come with him and drive him to Washington D.C., where he takes control of the world by gaining control of the World's power supply. Meanwhile, the Griffin's break free from their bonds and Lois loads up on Stewie's guns as she plans to go to D.C. and kill Stewie. After a hard-fought battle, she can't bring herself to kill him, but Stewie shows his lack of emotion by barging Lois to the floor and pointing a gun between her eyes. As all looks to be lost, Peter shows up and kills him. The scene fades and comes back to Stewie taking off a helmet, showing everyone it was nothing but a fake.


Guest Voices

Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, Patrick Stewart

Other Information

The episode carries on from Stewie Kills Lois.

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