Long John Peter


Episode Summary

When the Griffins go to the vet to get Brian checked out because of his sick stomach, Peter sees a parrot that he thinks is talking to him, which is actually just repeating what he says, and takes him home once they know that Brian is OK. When they are leaving Chris meets the intern of whom he takes a liking to, who's name is Anna. Peter goes to the clam and Joe tells him that the parrot makes him make like a pirate. Peter starts dressing like a pirate, and gains some pirate friends. They go into a few scenes, one of them with Peter battling a British person for his spices. After his parrot dies by mistake during the battle, he goes to the vet and Chris talks with the intern and she asks him out. They go to a restaurant and Chris is really nervous, but they have a good time. Anna is over at Chris' house, and spills her drink, and she leaves his house. Peter comes in and asks Chris what he is doing, cleaning up for a girl's mess, and tells Chris to treat Anna like crap. Chris takes Anna to a movie, and follows his fathers advice and treats her like crap, and she leaves. Peter tries to get Chris to meet some new girls, but he doesn't like any of them and they don't turn out too well. Chris goes back to the vet and apologizes to Anna, and she eventually takes him back.


Guest Voices

  • Amanda Bynes: Anna

Other Information

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