Love, Blactually


Episode Summary

Love, Blactually is the season premiere to Season 7.

Brian dates a woman named Carolyn. When she invites him to her house the night after their date, Stewie stops them. He explains to Brian that the reason his relationships don't last is because he rushes them too quickly. Brian agrees and starts to take things slow. After a few weeks, Brian decides it is ready to have sex with her, but then catches her having sex in her car with Cleveland. Carolyn thought Brian just wanted to be friends since he didn't have sex with her. Brian tries to get over this but keeps seeing Cleveland and Carolyn having sex everywhere. Stewie thinks Brian should get Cleveland's ex-wife, Loretta, to fall for Cleveland again so Brian can win Carolyn back. When Brian meets with Loretta, he learns that she is guilty about cheating on Cleveland with Quagmire. Brian is uncertain about carrying out his plan, until he finds out Cleveland is going to elope with Carolyn in Hawaii.

Once in Hawaii, Loretta confronts Cleveland and tells him that she is willing to start a new life with him. Cleveland says he still has a place in his heart for her, but has moved on, and advises Loretta to do the same.

Later, Cleveland goes to Carolyn's apartment only to find her having sex with Quagmire in her car. Since Brian and Cleveland were both cheated on, they decide to remain friends. Brian also learns that Cleveland may have gotten genital warts after having sex with Carolyn.


Guest Voices

  • Kat Foster: Brian's new girlfriend, Carolyn
  • Meredith Baxter: Herself

Other Information

The title is a pun on the movie, Love Actually.

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