Episode Summary

Peter has to hold Cleveland's mail for him, because he is away. He notices one of the magazines, that shows a picture of someone with a mustache on the front cover, and Peter decides to grow a mustache. He gets mistaken for a firefighter and is asked to put out a fire in a local fast food place called McBurgerTown. He hears someone inside, and it is the manager. He saves the manager by running in and taking him out, and Peter's mustache is burned off. He is very upset because of that, until the manager comes by his house telling him the because he saved his life he can eat whatever he wants at McBurgerTown for free. He eats 30 hamburgers and then has a stroke. The left half of his body doesn't work, so he can't do a lot of his usual things. Peter goes to a steam cell research place, and is cured in five minutes. Then he tries to sue McBurgerTown for giving him a stroke. Meanwhile, Stewie is trying to be the most popular kid at high school, with a bet from Brian.


Guest Voices

Camille Guaty, Ricardo Montalbán

Other Information

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