Mind Over Murder


Episode Summary

When Peter is at Chris's soccer game, he gets into a fight with someone he think is a man. He finds out that he accidently knocked a pregnant women unconcious. Peter is put under house arrest and is stuck at home. He turns his basement into a bar, but when Lois becomes a dancer she becomes the star of the bar.

Meanwhile, Stewie is having teething pains. He decides that he'll build a time machine to get around it.


Man: Wow, Lois Griffin, Hey, I love your act! Nice mellons.

Peter: Now listen pal!

Lois: Peter, I'm holding mellons.

Peter: Oh

Man: And her hooters aint bad either.

Peter: Now hold on a second.

Lois: Peter! I'm holding hooters!

Peter: Oh, sorry.

Man: No problem . (pause)

Man: Your wife's hot.

Peter: Alright that's it!


Brian: Something bothering you Peter?

Peter: Aw, no nothing. Just all my friends are eye humpin' my wife.


Peter: Hey, you're the Pawtucket Patriot.

Patriot: Verily! Come hither and give heed!

Peter: I don't swing that way pal.


Guest Voices

  • Alex Rocco': As the Soccer Parent
  • Leslie Uggams: As Herself

Other Information

Mind over Murder is the first episode that we learn Pawtucket Patriot Ale is Peter's favorite beer, which plays a prominent role in later episodes.

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