Movin' Out


Episode Summary

Peter and Jillian are talking about Brian and Jillian's relationship. They start talking about how Brian should move in with Jillian, to take things to the next level. When Brian hears this, he gets upset, but moves in with her. Brian can't pay his share of the rent, so Stewie offers to pay it if he can live with them. He starts to take their relationship apart, and eventually they have a fight and break up. Meanwhile, Meg has a job at a local convenience store, and Chris needs a job, so she asks him if he wants to work there. He agrees, and then they work together. Chris starts talking to the manager instead of doing his work, and then Meg has to do a lot of the hard work. She stands up for herself, and gets fired from the store.


Lois: So Meg, any luck in finding another job?

Meg: No, hardly anybody is hiring right now. The only job I could find was for a phone sex line and I sucked at it. (cuts to living room where Meg is on the couch talking on the phone)

Meg: What am I wearing? Um, a hat, and glasses. What kind of underwear? Um, I don't know, big underwear I guess. I'm sorry, what? Oh, what would I do to you? Well, um, I guess maybe we'd get pizza, and we could watch House? (Cuts to Peter upstairs, who is also on the phone)

Peter: Alright, I am totally flaccid, but thank you anyway ma'am, I appreciate your time. (hangs up the phone)


Guest Voices

  • Movin' Out
    • Drew Barrymore: As Jillian
    • H. Jon Benjamin: As Carl

Other Information

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