Padre de Familia


Episode Summary

Peter watches a war veteran sing about how he loves America, and Peter decides to become quite patriotic. He starts patrolling the borders of Quahog to make sure that no illegal immigrants get in, and starts reporting immigrants to the police. Soon, he asks his boss to do a check at work to make sure that no one is an immigrant, and Peter can't find his Birth Certificate so he goes and asks his mother. She tells him that she was born in Mexico, and as far as the US government is concerned, he is an illegal immigrant. He gets fired from his job, and soon realizes that life as an illegal immigrant isn't so great. He gets a job at Mr. Pudershmidt's mansion, to work in the yard with the other immigrants. They try to take over the mansion, but then Mr. Pudershmidt gets peter a Birth Certificate and goes back to work.


Guest Voices

  • Carrie Fisher: Angela
  • Phyliss Diller: Thelma

Other Information

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