Patriot Games


Episode Summary

Peter goes to his high school reuinon and gets drunk after people realize that he isn't an important person. When Peter has to throw up, he tackles his way through a crowd and attracts The New England Patriots quaterback Tom Brady's eye. Tom Brady ask him to be apart of the Patriots. Peter's new life goes to his head though and he is kicked off the team. He is transported to a very bad team in London called The Silly Nannines. Peter makes The Silly Nannies challenge The New England Patriots. When the game is about to start, The Silly Nannies run away leaving Peter to play alone against The New England Patriots. They tackle Peter and Tom Brady has a new found respect for him.

Meanwhile, Brian borrows fifty bucks from Stewie. When Briain can't pay him the money back, Stewie violenty beats him up on multiple occassions. To make up for it, Stewie tells Brian he can have a free revenge shot. Brian leaves Stewie waiting until the very end of the episode where he pushes Stewie in front of a bus.


Guest Voices

  • Tom Brady: As himself
  • Troy Brown: As himself
  • Bob Costas: As himself
  • Jay Leno: As himself
  • Carol Channing: As herself

Other Information

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