Peter's Daughter


Episode Summary

As there is a flood in Quahog, the Griffins' house starts to become flooded. Peter tells Meg to go get his case of beer that's in the fridge, and a little while later they wonder what happened to her. They find her underwater and unconscious. She is in a coma in the hospital, and she wakes up to see a cute medical doctor looking at her and talking to her. When they get home, Peter says that he'll never take advantage of her again, and treat her like a daughter, and says that he'll give her anything she wants. Then she tells him what she wants, and she wants to go out with the medical student from the hospital. Peter becomes very protective of her, and gets mad at him and her. Later on they break up because Peter is to protective of Meg. Two weeks later Meg is later, and she tells her family that she's pregnant. She goes to get married to the med student, and then she realizes that she's not actually pregnant because she had her period. He then runs away from the marriage when Meg tells him that she isn't going to have a baby.


Guest Voices

Jeff Bergman, Pat Crawford Brown, Damien Fahey

Other Information

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