Play it Again, Brian


Episode Summary

Brian has won a writing award, and a trip to Martha's Vineyard. Lois has been a bit mad at Peter because whenever they were supposed to do something, he goes off with his friends, instead of spending the day with Lois. So Brian decides to take them out to Martha's Vineyard to help them relax and cool down. Mr. Herbert comes to babysit the kids. When Brian reads his speech out to the crowd, Peter fails to be there. He comes by after the speech incredibly intoxicated. The next day, when Peter was supposed to spend some time with Lois, Peter doesn't want to go because he is too hungover and watching T.V. Brian have an excellent time in the park, biking and such. They decide to spend the evening together eating Dinner, and watching a movie. Brian suddenly throws himself on Lois, and she gets him of and tells him to get out. Later that night Lois tells Peter what Brian did, and they get into a fight. They make up, and all is well.


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