Ready, Willing, and Disabled


Episode Summary

Joe Swanson lets a thief get away due to his handicapped limitations. Peter tries to boost his self-esteem by entering him into "The Special People's Games." Peter puts steroids in a drink and Joe wins the competition. Joe becomes a hero and doesn't thank Peter for any of his help. As a result, Peter lets out the fact that Joe used steroids. Joe takes off his medal, ashamed.

Meanwhile, Brian, Meg and Stewie fight over the money that the robber tried to steal. Eventually, the robber steals the money again and Joe catches him. Joe decides to rejoin the force.


Guest Voices

  • Tony Danza: As himself
  • Valerie Bertinelli: As herself
  • Mark Hentemann: Phone Guy
  • Danny Smith: Evil Monkey/District Attorney/Agent Guy
  • Alex Rocco: Bea Arthur/Angel

Other Information

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