Road to Europe


Episode Summary

Lois meets her ex-boyfriend Ross Fisherman at the toy store and decides to meet him secretly for coffee so Peter won't become jealous. Coincidentally, Joe is showing Peter, Quagmire and Cleveland his new surveillance van. Using the van, Peter sees Lois with Ross.

To get revenge, Peter hires prostitutes to pretend to be his ex-girlfriends to make Lois jealous. Peter and Lois decide that their jealous has gone too far and they should try and get help. The marriage therapists recommends they see other people.

Quagmire thinks this is the perfect opportunity to date Lois. While on their date, Lois sees Peter with Jennifer Love Hewitt. This makes Lois very jealous and she scares Jennifer Love Hewitt away. Lois and Peter get back together.

In the meantime, Brian and Stewie super glue themselves together and they have to spend a whole week attached to each other while waiting for a chemical that will get rid of the glue. They grow to like each other.


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