Road to Germany


Episode Summary

Road to Germany is the third episode of Season 7.

Mort Goldman, whilst searching for a bathroom, finds Stewie's room - and is transported by Stewie's time machine. On a desperate urge to get him back, Stewie and Brian find him on the day of September 1st, 1939 - the day Poland was attacked by the Nazi's. Trying to get back to the present day, Stewie realizes the supply of Uranium used to power the machine is empty - and they have to go to Berlin to find some more.


Stewie: Okay, if everything worked properly, this should be the exact time and place that Mort was sent to. Now, we've just got to figure out where we are.
Brian: Or when we are.
Stewie: Ah, that's such a douche time traveler thing to say.
Cow: Sha-zoooo!

Stewie: Pardon me sir, I'd like to join.
RAF Officer: Hm. What are your qualifications?
Stewie: I have a British accent, I never brush my teeth, I'm possibly homosexual and my wife is GHASTLY.
RAF Officer: Bombs away!

Guest Voices

Gregory Jbara: as Priest/Nazi guard/General.
Brian Blessed: as Prince Vultan.

Other Information

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