Stewie Kills Lois (part one)


Episode Summary

It's Lois' birthday, and Brian gives her two tickets for a cruise, so she takes Peter along with her (much to Brian's dislike). Stewie wants to go, but he isn't allowed, and, per usual, gets mad at Lois. He talks to Brian and tells him how he is going to kill her, but Brian is skeptical telling him that he's all mouth, and he isn't going to. So Stewie takes a boat out to the cruise ship and finds Lois on her own after an argument with Peter. He shoots Lois with a machine gun, and throws her into the ocean. About two weeks later they give up the search for her, and assume that she has just died. A year later, Peter comes into the Clam with a whole bunch of money, and offers beers for everyone. They ask him where he got it, and he tells them that he got life insurance on Lois, right after she died. So they begin to get suspicious, at the same time that Brian is suspicious of Stewie. Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland go through Peter's trash and find pictures that say "Die Lois die", and suspect Peter, when those pictures were made by Stewie. After a court hearing, Peter is sentenced to jail. As he grudgingly prepares for life in incarceration, Lois appears...


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Other Information

The episode is carried on in the episode Lois Kills Stewie

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