Tales of a Third Grade Nothing


Episode Summary

Tales of a Third Grade Nothing is the sixth episode of Season 7.

In this episode Peter is asked to take some shipping reports to the company's CEO. On the way there he stops and uses the executive bathroom. After finding out how great the bathroom is he works much harder to try to get a promotion. On his way of trying to impress his boss for the promotion he tries to blow up a rival company billboard sign but ends up blowing up part of the childrens' hospital. After everything Peter's boss tells him that she has recommended him for an executive job. When he goes for his interview they tell him he needs to pass the third grade to get the job. Going back to third grade Peter finds out he has the same teacher he had back when he was a kid. He also tries to get pulled out of the class so he can go have fun somewhere else. After finding out that he can spell two syllable words his teacher told him if he could win there school spelling bee she would pass him. And if he lost she would fail him. After studying for the spelling bee Peter is ready to win. Peter was able to get to the final two and won the whole spelling bee by spelling the word "lesbians". When Peter gets back to work he is told he is going to jail for blowing up the childrens' hospital. He is sentenced to one week in jail.


Guest Voices

  • Bob Barker: Himself
  • Andy Dick: Himself
  • Carrie Fisher: Angela
  • Frank Sinatra, Jr.: Himself
  • Sinbad: Himself

Other Information

This episode's title is from the book Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by author Judy Blume.

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