The Former Life of Brian


Episode Summary

Brian is picking up Stewie from a birthday party, when he sees an attractive woman. He goes over to meet her, and they decide that Brian will be a magician for her son's birthday party. So Brian is practicing for the party, and when the party comes he learns that she has a husband, and they are happily married. Brian goes off in a fit, and talks to Stewie about his one true love, but he wasn't too good to her at the time. Brian goes off to find her, and when he does she is very unattractive, fat, and smokes. She tells Brian that he has a son, named Dylan. Dylan isn't a good kid, he isn't in school, and he is very mean to everyone. Brian and Stewie leave her house, and the next day the doorbell rings, and Dylan is at the door. Dylan gives a note to Brian,from Dylan's mother, saying that Dylan is Brian's problem now. Dylan is being bad around the house, and they decide that Brian has to kick him out. When he goes to do so, Brian, or Dylan, drops his pot, and they get high together, and connect. The next day, Dylan is a much better kid, and looks a lot different. Brian starts getting really fussy about Dylan, and changes a lot. Peter brings in Dylan's mother and she takes him back.


Guest Voices

Harvey Fierstein, Chace Crawford

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