The Kiss Seen Around the World


Episode Summary

Meg applies for an internship at the telvision station because she has a crush on Tom Tucker. Due to her bad looks, Meg gets the job. Much to her dismay, Meg finds out that her co-anchor will be Neil Goldman (who she hates).

A mass media murdurer is on top of city hall and the news station sends Neil and Meg so they won't get hurt. They think they are going to die, so Meg admits she has never been kissed so Neil kisses her. Luckily, they are saved by Mr. Downs.

Neil aired the kiss around the world and Meg is embarassed. For revenge, Meg airs a special news story about how she hates Neil. Neil goes to the top of city hall pretending to committ suicide. The helicopter blows Neil off and Meg catches him. She finds out that Neil never was going to jump.

Meanwhile, Stewie's tricycle is stolen by a bully. Stewie kidnaps him and ties him up in the basement and teaches him not to mess with him.


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