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The Head of Admissions at Brown University tells Meg that she needs to be involved more in extra-curricular activities to be accepted. Meg tries a variety of activities and fails miserably at all of them. Her last resort is asking Neil Goldman for a position on the school newspaper. Neil tells Meg she will only get the job if she gets an interview with Adam West. Meg gets the interview and makes a very interesting article. Peter (trying to be helpful) breaks into the school and switches Meg's article with his own article about Luke Perry being gay and he puts Meg's name on it.

The next day, everyone is thrilled with Meg's story. Everyone except Luke Perry who sues The Griffins. Luke tries to prove that Luke Perry is gay. Luke Perry ends up in The Griffins house and Peter explains his reasons. Luke decides that he will drop the lawsuit if The Griffins write a new article about Luke Perry not being gay.


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