The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou


Episode Summary

Peter takes Stewie golfing with the fellas without any sunscreen. Stewie develops a nice tan from the situation and becomes part of the culture. He acts like a model and is seen regularily in a bathing suit.

Meanwhile, Chris gets bullied by a kid who has taken his paper route and, for the better, Herbert's intrest. Peter confronts the boy and attacks him. When they confront, he tells Peter the fun of bullying and Peter starts bullying the neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Brian forgets Stewie in a tanning bed, leaving him with a very severe sunburn. When he starts pealing, Stewie finds a mole and thinks he has cancer. He takes Brian, blaming him for his predicamant, to do his own "bucket list". The doctor later calls, saying Stewie does not have cancer.

Meanwhile, Peter sees the errors of bullying his friends and decides to beat up his tormentor from Middle School. When he sees him, he finds he now has MS, but that doesn't stop Peter. Chris ends up taking Peter down to stop him, ending Peter's bullying once and for all.


Popular Nonsequies-Broke Back Mountain From the Horses Point of View

Stewie (While Ballroom Dancing With Brian):(whispers) I love you. Brian:What? Stewie:Uhh, Olive Juice. Brian:Olive Juice? Stewie:(whispers)Olive Juice you too.

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