There's Something About Paulie


Episode Summary

Peter and Lois decide they need a second car. Peter's poor negotiating skills lands him a horrible car. A mob boss tells Peter that he will steal his car so he can convince his insurance company to let him buy a new one. Peter goes along with the plan only to be met by the mob boss again, but this the mob boss asks Peter to take his nephew, Big Fat Paulie out to the movies. Peter brings Paulie back home and the whole family hates him. Peter kicks Paulie out of the house and tells him it is because Lois doesn't like him. As a result, a hit is put out for Lois's life. When Peter tries to tell Paulie to take the hit off of her, he accepts, but is killed before it can be done. When they realize that they have an invitation to the don's daughters' wedding, They will try to take the hit ofof her again, as their favor. However, Peter decides that a better trade, would be a piece of his desert. When Larry(the daughters fiancee) calls of the wedding in order to kill Lois, he then realizes that she is right in front of him. Peter then amazingly convinces him to call off the hit.


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