Brian Does Hollywood - Part 2

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Episode Summary

Brian (who is on a vacation from The Griffin Family) is "working" as a screenwriter in Hollywood. To make ends meet, he does various oddjobs. Brian finally gets a directing job -- as a porno director. Even though he is nominated for a Woody Award, Brian is ashamed of his involvement in the porn industry. Brian's cousin, Jasper, calls The Griffins to let him know about his award and they make it to Hollywood to see Brian win his Woody Award. Brian makes the decision to come back to Quahog.

Meanwhile, Stewie gets on the television show Kids Say the Darndest Things. He plans to use the opportunity to use a hypnotizing device, disguised as glasses to take over the nation. His plan backfires when Bill Cosby accidently hypnotizes him.


Guest Voices

  • Jenna Jameson: As herself
  • Ron Jeremy: As himself

Other Information

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